How to prepare for GATE 2022?

Are you an engineering college student? Are you looking for a great technical career? You want good placement but are worried about how to hone your technical skills.? Then, you should start preparing for GATE 2022. 

Yes, preparation for the GATE exam not only helps you get into an IIT for master’s and Ph.D. program but also helps you get the right technical know-how of engineering concepts.

GATE is one of the technical exams, which is not restricted by any university curriculum. It is conducted across India and even in countries like Bahrain, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and a few more.

Students enroll for GATE course and start to GATE preparation from 2nd or 3rd year depending on one’s caliber as it is the only gateway to get admission in IITs for Almost 8.5 lakh+ people take up GATE every year and this number is expected to reach 10 Lakh+ for GATE 2022. 

GATE Exam in 2022 was conducted by IIT Bombay. Now you may have a question: which IIT is conducting GATE 2022? So, the answer is IIT Kharagpur is conducting GATE Exam 2022.

Some major changes of GATE 2022: 

  1. Third-year engineering students were allowed to take up the GATE exam along with the final year and pass outs.
  2. A new question category MSQ (multiple select questions) was introduced. In this question category, there can be more than one correct answer, and a candidate was expected to select all such correct options in the exam. There is no negative marking for the same, but you only get marks if you tick exactly all the possible answers.
  3. Two more fields or branches including environmental have added making the GATE paper in 24 branches.
  4.  A candidate can appear for GATE in two streams on different days and hence become eligible to apply for both streams at various IITs and IISc.

Some general facts related to the GATE exam: 

  • There is no limitation to the number of attempts in the GATE Exam.
  • The GATE score is valid for 3 years for a master’s course at Any top M. tech institute.
  • GATE Exam is conducted online during the month of February and the results are announced in the second week of March.
  • It consists of 65 questions consisting of 1 mark and 2 marks. There are 30 questions of one mark and 35 questions of 2 marks each, making it a 100 marks paper.
  • To get a monthly stipend of Rs.12,400, students of the General category need to qualify for the GATE Exam with approximately 27-32 marks.

How to crack GATE in the first attempt : 

A focus study plan and the right set of mentoring are the two tools needed to crack GATE in the first attempt. With the experience of teaching over 1 lakh students, I can tell you that GATE is an exam of concept and not only a syllabus. If you are just solving questions by rot knowledge, it won’t work in this exam.

These are the few steps that one should follow in order to crack it hard:

Step 1: Prepare a macro-level subject and topic plan. Take the help of a mentor for that.

Step 2: Join a class (Physical or Online), enroll for GATE Course and start preparing notes. This will help your preparation progress in the right direction. 

Step 3: Solve topic wise previous year GATE question of at least past 20 years. This will help you gauge the idea as to which topics are important in the Exam.

Step 4: Start an online test series and take topic tests, subject tests, and all India mock tests.

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Authors Take on GATE 2022: 

Well, it is expected that with the government’s focus on increasing the tertiary output of India and improving our higher educational institute, the number of GATE takers in 2022 will reach around 10 to 11 lakhs. Hence, increasing the competition among students. 

As the placement seasons are quite good at IITs these days and are offered equivalent (some case higher) salaries to, it is expected that more people will join the bandwagon. 

So, apart from GATE being a first choice exam for seekers or PSU seekers, it will be now an avenue to look at for job readiness too.

With IPATE (Industrial Proficiency Aptitude Test for Engineers) being announced by CII for private-sector jobs and the syllabus remains a subset of GATE, I am sure that without GATE preparation any engineer will be incomplete. 

If you implement whatever I have told you, I am sure you will get success very easily.

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