Crack Gate Exam With an Ease in First Attempt – Complete Guide

How should I start preparing for GATE 2024?

When should I start with the preparation?

Will I be able to crack GATE 204 with ease?

There must be a lot of questions popping up in your mind!

There is a Portuguese proverb, The person who is well prepared has already won half of the battle’. It stands true for GATE preparations too. If a student prepares well, will be able to crack GATE 2022 exam certainly.

GATE is a national-level exam is endeavored by several students every year with an aim to pursue post-graduate courses through the best institutes. As GATE is a highly competitive exam, proper strategy is required for its preparation.

Here are some of the best preparation tips, students should inculcate into their schedule to qualify for GATE 2022 in their first attempt easily. It can be divided into 3 parts;




Starting with the first part:



Preparation is a single word that comprises of various steps. Let us explore how students should start the preparation for GATE 2022.

1. Know the syllabus & weightage of each subject

To achieve a goal, a student should know how to reach there. Similarly, premeditating the complete syllabus is an essential step to plan the preparation.

Additionally, a student can check out the weightage for each subject based on the previous year’s paper and target the preparation to achieve more marks.

Though, it is advisable to go through the complete syllabus as you never know what could be the next question!

2. Check out the GATE 2022 exam pattern

GATE exam comprises of both multiple-choice questions and numerical questions. Thus, having an understanding of the types of questions that would be asked or knowing the marking scheme proves beneficial in GATE preparation.

Looking into the previous year’s paper, students can understand the question pattern too.

Explore GATE pattern

3. Kick start the preparation sooner than later

Starting early always has an added advantage as students get more time to complete as well as revise the syllabus.

At times, due to time constraints, students may skip one or two topics that may come in the exam leading to marks deduction.

Thus, there is no right time to start. Students should start preparing for GATE 2022 as early as possible adhering more time in clearing all concepts, resulting in gaining a good score.



When a student gets to know each and every detail of the examination, the next step is to strategize the preparation. Here we go;

1. Scheduled Preparation

Moving ahead in a step by step manner leads to successful completion. Similarly, students should make a time-table for each day to prepare for GATE 2022. Plan the preparation into three stages:

  • Syllabus completion
  • Revision
  • Practicing mock tests

Further, students can bifurcate the topics depending on weak, medium and strong areas. In order to schedule the preparation, the time should be allocated to each topic wisely.

Furthermore, setting up daily, weekly and monthly targets helps in achieving better results for the same amount of effort.

2. Study with Dedication

Just scheduling and not focusing on the topic at a particular time is sheer waste of time. Thus, it is very important that students should put in their best efforts and have dedicated study hours.

It is advisable to take breaks in between as focusing is essential rather than just sitting with books open for long hours.

3. Make Notes

Make short notes that includes important formulas, differences, concepts, or the points that you find difficult to remember.

Prepare revision notes for each topic that covers all the important details of the same.

Keeping these notes handy not only saves students’ time in revising but can be studied anytime keeping everything fresh in mind.

4. Attempt Mock Tests

Students who aim to secure high in GATE 2022 should solve as many mock tests as possible to improve their performance.

Mock Tests can be attempted in two ways:

  • One is self-practice
  • The other is attempting online mock tests.

These mock test offer a clear picture to the students how the actual GATE 2022 exam would be. Moreover, more mock test student appears for, more familiar they get with the exam pattern as well as the difficulty level of the exam.

Find mock test here

5. Analyse Mock Tests

Just attempting and not analysing the mock test leads student nowhere. Analysing is equally important as it succor students know their preparation level (their strong and weak areas).

Analysing the mock tests assist students to work on the areas they lose marks in general.

6. Revise

Studying means learn and forget the process. Thus, revising topics or notes on a daily basis helps you recall the concepts each time. Further, reduce your revision time each time for the same topic.

The more you revise, the more confident you become. Thus, be it a small topic or an entire unit, revise so that you don’t forget anything even when you are under pressure.

It is advisable to attempt 2 to 5 tests each day as this practice helps you revise all the concepts.

7. Clarify your doubts

When students start preparing for GATE, it is quite obvious to have doubts. It is advisable, not to wait for the last moment and get the doubts cleared with your teachers well before time.



Planned efforts may lead nowhere if a student doesn’t receive proper guidance. Thus, the right guidance helps students move in the right direction!

1. Right Study Material

When a student is focused and has the urge to move towards the goal then the right study material would surely help a student to crack GATE 2022. There is no point in reading 10 books if a student can get all the correct information in just one book.

However, if a student has opted for self-study, they will have to do extensive research before choosing the right study material.

Apart from books, students can prepare for GATE 2022 exam with online video lectures, coaching notes, etc. At Gateflix, mentors put up the online video lectures in an easy language that can be accessed by students from the comfort of their homes.

2. Right Mentor

Mentor says, ‘Let’s go do it, not you go do it. The right mentor shows the correct path and pushes in the right direction. It is advisable to take proper guidance as a helping hand always escalates the process. At Gateflix, mentors guide, advice while providing a learning platform that helps you evaluate and improve your GATE preparation.

Last but not the least- Stay Healthy

‘Health is wealth’, a very common saying but with a deep meaning. In order to prepare for GATE 2022 in the best possible way, a student should never neglect their health. Take proper sleep, breaks in between the preparations, and work towards the goal giving your best and keeping stress at a bay.

Remember, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.


Below are some of the important tips for the last day preparation.

  • Do not study any new topic during the last days.
  • Just dedicate your time to revising the concepts
  • Know your exam center before the D-day and keep your essential things such as admit card etc. ready.


3 D’s- Discipline, Dedication, and Diligence, keep students motivated to achieve their goal of cracking GATE 2022. At Gateflix, we thrive along with our students. Mentors clear each concept thoroughly, provide the right study material, video lectures, take mock tests, and much more that help students crack GATE 2022 exam with ease.
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