8 Time Management Tips For Students Opting For GATE Online Classes

‘All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us,’ said Tolkien
Time management is an art. Pretty sure, the pandemic must have taught each student to use time wisely especially when online classes hold a strong grip in today’s scenario.

As everything has their own advantages and disadvantages, online classes too have their own benefits, they give flexibility and comfort for studies.

But do you think, are students able to make best use of their time with so much of conformability?

The answer is, ‘YES’!

Now the question arises, are all students able to manage time for GATE Online classes when everyone is too busy with their regular studies and miscellaneous activities?

Students those who prepare a strict plan and follow it religiously achieve their targets easily whereas those who keep dallying studies, lead nowhere.

Each one of us get 24 hours each day to aim for a goal and work towards it. But it is the student’s zeal, strategy or that adrenaline rush that keeps them juggling efficiently between studies and the other glee activities which makes a difference.

But only few students are able to make it, why not others?

In this article, we will learn time management tips for students taking GATE online classes:

  • 1. Set your goal
  • 2. Know the length of your goal
  • 3. Plan, Plan, Plan!
  • 4. Dedicated study space
  • 5. Focus
  • 6. Compete yourself
  • 7. Learn to balance
  • 8. Partake in Doubt Clearing Sessions

Let’s elaborate further:

1. Set your goal

Person without a goal is like a ship without a compass. If students doesn’t have an aim to move ahead, where would they reach out to? Goal determines how to split time efficiently. For instance, if you plan to go for trekking so you just don’t start travelling.

  • First, you plan your dates for travel.
  • Check your navigation tool or a map, to know where you are and where you’re going all times.
  • Pack essentials like enough water, food, safety items.
  • Check your fitness level, wear comfortable clothes, most importantly you plan your time before starting off.

Similar is the case for GATE studies. Until and unless, you aim to crack the GATE exam, you will not understand why and how to manage time for GATE online classes.

2. Know the length of your goal

Until and unless you visualize the road map, you won’t be able to reach your goal. Though, experts are mindful of the syllabus and accordingly design curriculum for the online classes.

But students should also be aware about the syllabus (which serves as the roadmap) of the GATE examination then only you’ll be able to judge the time you need to allocate for each course.

Knowing the length is like knowing the duration of completing the syllabus. This ensures how to prepare a schedule for online classes, how much time you need to assign to self -preparation or any other extra subjects and to the least significant subjects.

3. Plan, Plan, Plan!

‘Meticulous planning will enable everything a man does to appear spontaneous’. Time management is an art that goes hand in hand with planning. Hence, a student should have a proper schedule to attain in order to manage time.

Once you know the syllabus or the road map, you will know how you have to step ahead and approach each topic finally. A student should split time for each topic and list down the scheduled plan. For instance,

  • Allot time for topics related to each subject
  • Newspaper reading
  • Practise Tests
  • Previous year papers
  • Revision

Set a timing for each day for studying, resting etc. While you study, you should set certain rules and a time limit for each topic. This in turn enhances your efficiency and pushes you to achieve the target.

4. Dedicated study space

Sincerity is the key to success. If you think that you can lie down on the bed and study, it is fallacious. Studies show that study area makes a lot of difference. Mind takes time to adjust at a new place due to which students are unable to concentrate.

Studying at a quiet place with proper lightning helps student memorize more efficiently. Study space triggers the mind to attend the regular GATE online classes.

Thus, you need to have your own dedicated and comfortable space for studies including online classes that brings in consistency and keeps you focussed.

5. Focus

Make sure when you study, you do it whole heartedly. If you are unable to concentrate, there is no point for spending hours sitting infront of the laptop or holding books.

Especially when social media and game sites can easily divert one’s attention, student should remain centred and focused. If you cannot concentrate for longer duration at a time, then you can study for 45 minutes at a stretch and then take a break say for 5-10 minutes and then get back to your position, follow the same pattern timely to enhance your efficiency.

6. Compete yourself

One’s biggest opponent is not the other student, it is ‘you’ one should compete to. If you continuously compete yourself you tend to become better. For this, you can check how you were and where have you reached. Ensure that whatever target you set, you achieve it timely.

Reward yourself, if you achieve it (Do not do so, if you haven’t). This practise will push you to work harder and complete the syllabus on time.

7. Learn to Balance

Time can be easily managed for GATE online studies if you know how to balance your studies and other important activities.

This is when, a schedule or a time-table helps you get into the perfect routine. Students need to prioritize the important things such as online studies, reading, self-preparation etc and so their timings.

This not only accustoms you to the system but keeps you focused for the particular work or else the mind is diverted towards other incomplete activities leaving you neither here nor there.

8. Partake in Doubt Clearing Sessions

Students have doubts only when they attend and complete the online classes. So one must allocate time for doubt clearing session too. As it may not only help you decipher your doubts but will make you more confident as and when you get the clarity on the subject.


All you need is earnestness and zeal to work towards your goal. Students should learn the art of time management which not only helps them while attending GATE online classes or preparing for the GATE exam but for future too.

Hopefully the above tips help students manage their GATE online classes along with their regular life schedule.

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