Complete GATE exam 2022 preparation strategy syllabus Q&A

Complete GATE Exam 2022 Preparation Strategy, Syllabus, Q&A

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a national level entrance examination that fundamentally evaluates student’s understanding over several under-graduate subjects in Engineering and science. Students seeking admission into the Master's Program (Master of Engineering, Master of Technology, Master of Architecture, Doctor of Philosophy) or plan to apply for jobs in Public Sector Companies need [...]

How To Choose Right Coaching Institute For Your GATE Exam Preparation?

Hey peeps! Looking for the right coaching institute for your GATE entrance exam preparation? But confused, which one to choose? Settle down and stay calm. Here we are to help you select the right coaching institute. GATE being one of the toughest entrance exam in India requires meticulous planning and preparation. But planning and preparing […]

Crack Gate 2022 Exam With an Ease in First Attempt – Complete Guide

How should I start preparing for GATE 2022? When should I start with the preparation? Will I be able to crack GATE 2022 with ease? There must be a lot of questions popping up in your mind! There is a Portuguese proverb, ‘The person who is well prepared has already won half of the battle’. It […]

5 Things To Do After Attempting GATE Mock Tests

Mock tests are the practice test designed to acquaint students with actual pattern of GATE exam. GATE exam being one of the prestigious exam have various benefits. One of the key benefit is that if the student scores well in the examination, they are likely to choose their college according to their score. “Practice makes [...]

8 Time Management Tips For Students Opting For GATE Online Classes

‘All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us,’ said Tolkien Time management is an art. Pretty sure, the pandemic must have taught each student to use time wisely especially when online classes hold a strong grip in today’s scenario. As everything has their own advantages and disadvantages, [...]

Kudos- GATEFLIX is two years old

Well, it all started in February 2019 with few enthusiasts discussed a need for an affordable platform for competitive exams. I, being opportunistic, pick It up from there, and we together as a team collaborated and decided to launch it on 1st MAY 2019. With not much experience in hand of ed-tech but a zeal to […]