How To Choose Right Coaching Institute For Your GATE Exam Preparation?

Hey peeps! Looking for the right coaching institute for your GATE entrance exam preparation?
But confused, which one to choose?

Settle down and stay calm. Here we are to help you select the right coaching institute. GATE being one of the toughest entrance exam in India requires meticulous planning and preparation. But planning and preparing under expert’s guidance help students achieve each milestone leaving no stone unturned.

Hence, you need to consider few factors before joining the coaching institute for GATE exam preparation.


Half battle is won if the faculty is good. Students can stay on their toes with a calm mind if they have a good mentor to guide them throughout the GATE preparations. It is advisable to look for the institutes which have experienced faculties say from IIT/IISc, had been a GATE topper along with newly qualified professional.

Experienced faculties easily understand the problems students face and proffer quick solutions whereas new faculty introduces modus operandi of deciphering questions. Hence, talk to ex-students and seniors to check upon the


  • Their teaching methodology
  • faculty’s attitude towards the process of learning
  • if they maintain optimum speed while teaching and
  • if they update their class notes with changing exam trends (research how many questions have been asked in the past from their notes)


More you grab, more you step ahead towards your goal. Check out what all resources such as reading library, students can have access or the kind of reference material you get once you join the institute.


Just completing the syllabus is not worthy. Curriculum should be outlined in such a manner that:

  • There is abundant time for revision at the end
  • Syllabus should be relevant to the exam syllabus
  • Each class should be followed by small breaks so that students can concentrate on the next without getting exhausted.
  • Teaching tempo is maintained without any hush-hush considering each student’s capability.

Make sure institute covers the updated syllabus as GATE syllabus tend to change every year.


Fees of coaching institutes are touching sky these days, and it is not everyone’s cup of tea to bear these fees. Before you finalize the GATE classes, compare the fees of different institutes and facilities they are offering. Thus, check out the best institutes available where you think you can gain from what you pay.


Demo classes gives clearer insight of the teaching method of the faculties. So if you get a chance to attend demo classes of different institutes, grab the opportunity and then finalize.


Doubts will surely arise if you study carefully and practice. Hence, just learning and practicing is not enough. You need to analyze the mistakes made and get the doubts cleared through the faculties. Hence, check out the institutes whether they hold a doubt clearing sessions timely. If the institute is doing so, then bang-on, as deficit of doubt-clarification may delude the students.


Infrastructure plays a crucial role in studies. As it can help students concentrate in their studies or it can hamper their studies. Check if the classes are

  • spacious to accommodate large number of students
  • acquainted with latest technology
  • if the visibility is good from each corner for each student
  • If the lectures are nicely audible.


‘Practice gives skill’. Hence, more you practice more efficiently you will clear GATE exam. The institute that arranges mock test series and further discusses it follows the right of helping students clear the GATE exam with an ease.


Credibility of the institute explains everything. Whether it is about their expertise in the field, teaching methodology, authentication of the GATE results and much more. Students can research about the credibility by connecting with their ex-students, checking on the testimonials or from social media platforms.


Time is precious, do not waste it rather utilize it in reading an extra topic. Joining a class far from home not only squander’s time but deteriorates the energy too leading to loss of concentration.
Hence, join the classes near to your place or relocate yourself near to the class.


Hard-work and dedication are two keys for success but right kind of guidance can help them push their limits and bring out best from them further getting in to the desired college.

Mentors at GATEFLIX not only clear the student’s concepts but direct student’s potential into the right track. Enabling them to come out with flying colours. For further enquires, call at +91 6262062627 or mail us at


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