Message from Founder-GATE 2022 Exam Day Guidelines And Last Minute Tips

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success”

Rightly said by Alexandra Graham Bell. GATE Exam is just around the corner, and it is very important to adept the entrance exam by ‘PROPER PREPARATION’.

GATE is a Computer Based Test (CBT) and will be conducted on multiple days i.e. February 6th, 7th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 2022 as well as have 2 sessions on each day, morning, and afternoon in about 210 centres across the country and abroad.

GATE 2022 exam includes a total of 27 subject papers, where 2 new subjects Environmental Engineering and Humanities and Social Science have been introduced this year.

There is no age- limit to appear in the GATE 2022 exam and the GATE 2022 score has a validity of 3 years.

We understand that applicants in the final stage of their preparations might be nervous about the D-Day and would expect some last-minute tips and GATE 2022 exam guidelines that would help them in soothing their anxiety levels.

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Last-Minute Tips

Believe in yourself and the hard work you’ve put in

Here we have listed down some last-minute tips that would help you succeed in GATE 2022 exam:

  • Applicants should be thorough with the GATE 2022 exam pattern, to strategize their plan of attempting the exam.
  • Applicants should acquaint themselves with the working of the virtual calculators so that they do not get lost if the need arises during the exam.
  • Applicants should attempt and practice the previous year question papers, mock test papers as well as sample papers. This would help them analyze their state and resolving their part.
  • Applicants should avoid going through new topics during the last days unless it is very important and if you can manage, as it might create more confusion. Ideally, applicants should focus more on reinforcing the topics which they already have a better understanding.
  • The perfect way of revising the entire GATE 2022 syllabus at the last moment is going through the personal notes which were earlier prepared during the preparatory stage.
  • Last but not the least, it is quite obvious to get stressed before D-Day, but it is advisable to stay calm and away from any kind of negativity. Take refreshments to break, listen to good and soothing music, meditate and keep the stress factor at bay.

What to do before GATE Exam 2022?

A good Plan is a start & prerequisite to success

  • Take the print of the GATE 2022 Admit card on the A4 Size Sheet only. Also, keep a saved copy of the admit card as it may be required for PSU recruitment.
  • Do carry one Original Photo ID (the one you mentioned in your GATE application form) along with GATE 2022 Admit card.
  • Check out the details of the GATE exam centre, you are supposed to report to.
  • Applicants are advised to reach 60 minutes prior to their exam centres for a smooth biometric verification process.
  • Remember, mobile phones are not allowed inside the exam hall, better not to carry them as there will not be any safe place to keep them.
  • Once you reach the exam centre, check your seat.
  • The applicant can enter the exam room just 45 minutes before the exam begins and can leave once the exam is over.
  • Applicants cannot carry any electronic gadgets, watch, or calculators as they will be provided with a virtual or on-screen calculator and rough sheets for calculations.
  • Items allowed in the exam hall along with the ‘New Normal’ Essentials:
  1. Personal Hand Sanitizer
  2. Masks
  3. Gloves
  4. Pen
  5. Admit Card
  6. Original Photo ID
  7. Personal transparent water bottle
  8. Maintain social distancing norms.
  • Prepare a mandatory kit that includes your GATE 2022 Admit card, original photo ID, and the new normal essentials a day before the exam. 

Things to do on the D-DAY Before GATE Exam 2022

Be an early riser

  • Wake up early on the exam day and plan accordingly to reach the centre an hour before.
  • Carry all mandatory things, such as GATE 2022 exam admit card, valid photo ID proof, and other essentials mentioned above.

Pre-Exam Guidelines For GATE 2022:

 Always Be Careful

  • Applicants will be allowed to log into the GATE 2022 exam portal at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the exam when applicants can read all the important instructions.
  • Applicants will have to use scribble pads provided at the exam centre for rough work and calculations which they are required to return to the invigilator after the exam.
  • It is mandatory for the applicants to write their GATE 2022 registration number on the scribble pad before they start using it.

GATE 2022: Exam Day Guidelines

Arise, Go forth and Conquer

  • Applicants are advised to give a swift look to the question paper by using the “View All Questions Button”. This helps you in deciding and planning the sequence of the sections you need to attempt.
  • Then start the exam by clicking on the section you wish to attempt first. Answer those questions which you know very well as this helps you build your confidence and the score before you move towards the difficult ones.
  • Please note the question numbers on the scribble pad which you know but think you might need a bit more time cracking it. This tip would help in reaching those questions faster when you are ready to answer them.
  • As per the experience, one should start attempting sections like General Aptitude and Engineering Math first, as they are easy scoring then turn towards the subject-specific section.
  • Do not forget to save each answer before moving towards the next one else they will not be submitted, and you will not have enough time to redo them.
  • Numerical questions need to be solved with a lot of precision. Thus, be careful while calculating, do not hurry.
  • Time is very important. Hence, attempt questions wisely and well without wasting much time on a single problem. If time permits, you can come back and attempt the same.
  • As there is negative marking, avoid answering questions which you are not sure about.
  • Plan your question attempting strategy in such a way that you get some time to revise your answers at the end.

We wish all the aspirants of GATE 2022 all the very best. Hopefully, the above-mentioned last-minute tips and exam day guidelines will help applicants breathe a lot easier on the salient day of the GATE 2022 exam.

Rohan Garg,

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