How to Prepare for GATE ECE Without Coaching?

The full form of GATE is Graduate Aptitude test in Engineering. It is held in February. The GATE exam is conducted by Indian Institute of Science or IISC., Bangalore. GATE exam is a gateway for PSU jobs and post graduate degree programmes in the renowned engineering institutes. CSIR fellowships can be procured though a valid GATE score and after that there is an expert interview.

GATE is a pivotal national screening or entrance exam. It is held in some location outside India to. Final year students and pass outs of previous years are eligible for the GATE examinations. One thinks about how to prepare for GATE without coaching or how to qualify GATE without joining coaching.

Following are some of the answers to all your questions about self-preparation for GATE exams:

GATE is the most difficult entrance exam. It is vital for the students to know the entire process and prepare oneself. Studying in GATE needs one to study in a smart way. It is important for a student to know what SMART studying for the GATE exam implies.

You need to follow some strategies to prepare for GATE in an intelligent way.

Understanding the exam

GATE exam comprises of a single paper. The exam is conducted online. The total duration of the GATE exam is three hours. It has a total of 65 questions and the total is of 100 marks. There are multiple choice questions and numerical type questions that are in the GATE question paper.

Make yourself familiar with the syllabus

You need to make a note of all the topics from each subject that are included in the examination. You have to prepare for each topic in the best possible manner.

Do complete analysis of the GATE question papers

The previous year’s GATE question papers play a huge role in the preparation for GATE exams without coaching. It all depends on the GATE self-study material. The GATE question papers are also accessible for download along with GATE previous year questions paper books. You may buy them and practice. GATE 2020 ece preparation helps to prepare in a better manner. The best thing is to analyse the trends and prepare on your own.

Make an analysis of the patterns

The different subjects have varied weightage. Every topic has a varied weightage. You have to analyse the previous years GATE question papers in a proper manner. This will help you a great deal in establishing a pattern with regards to weightage. This will add some marks to your scorecard.

Choose the right books and resources

Choosing proper books for preparation is essential. There are many resources for the GATE exam. These can assist one to prepare for the GATE examination without coaching. These resources are available offline and online. The GATE preparation strategy for ece is to take help of online preparation videos such as NPTEL and also note for the toppers. Some of the books prove to be helpful and serve as a great advantage for GATE preparation.

Plan your presentation the right way

You will get immense practice if you begin preparing early. You need to make a systematic plan for the GATE exam. Ensure that the plan you devise makes you comfortable as the plan is productive. You have to do many revisions as it will brush up your knowledge. It is always good to revise as much as you can. You have to adhere to a routine and follow it religiously. You have to set some goals and work hard to achieve them. You need to choose for various preparatory courses. Different courses are accessible for online GATE preparation. Offline courses are also accessible for GATE preparation.

Stick to your plan

You have to follow your plan in a systematic manner. Adhere to the plan is a must to excel in the GATE exam. Ensure you make a precise plan and do not miss the to do list. Avoid distractions and start studying the main subjects. Go through every topic properly and prepare notes for revision purposes. You need to revise the notes several times as possible.

When you complete a topic, you have to take a test of that topic. You should attempt the tests for each subject for analysing your preparation. Clear your doubts fast from a well-known source. You can find a trusted student website and get your doubts solved from there. It is of immense significance to know your loopholes and work to solve them from the faculty.

Always focus on the numerical and theory portion. It depends on the subject’s nature and the weightage of the questions that have been asked previously. This is done when you do the proper analysis of the previous years papers in a careful way.

It is necessary to do revisions. Mock tests are necessary for making preparations on your own. GATE exam will provide you numerical and conceptual questions. You need to find short techniques to solve the issues. The management of time is important. The basic idea is to manage time in a proper manner.


You need to revise everyday and weekly also. You have to spare an hour or two daily for revising. You can practice numericals and practice them. The best thing would be to solve the numericals.

Mock tests are essential for developing

You can solve several mock questions with utmost ease. You can apply for a mock exam that is conducted online. Always pay attention to your strengths. You have to know your weaknesses and pay utmost attention to the mock tests. You need to improve your weak points. You have to lay emphasis on the time management skills. All these will make sure you get good marks in the exam.

Performance analysis and revision

You have to solve many tests. You have to do a compete analysis of your performance and do the revisions in a proper way. Don’t ever panic. Ensure you have completed studying all the topics. You must attempt several GATE mock exams. Solve the GATE question papers. Solve the GATE question papers of previous years on a regular basis. Solve the numericals too.

Give yourself ample rest

Ensure that you take ample rest to relax your body and mind. You will suffer badly if you get exhausted. You need to take ample sleep for at least six hours. This increases your ability to prepare for the exams in a better manner. You have to heed to the advice of the experts and score nicely in the GATE exams.

How to prepare for GATE cse without coaching

Always complete the entire syllabus with the help of notes. You may buy notes that are handwritten from the toppers. Make investment of your money in purchasing previous year question paper set with proper solutions. Try to solve as many questions as you can. You may join a test series with two varied institutes and solve each test just as you do for your final examinations. Go through the standard textbooks for the cumbersome topics or the topics which are not clear to you.

It is of no relevance how much hard you adhere to the above points. Ensure that your performance is up to the mark. Give the tests in order to make yourself comfortable to sit for a longer duration. The GATE examination constitutes 10 subjects in each specialization. You should plan your studies for the exam for three or four months prior to the GATE exam. Do not be scared while attempting the GATE exam by just seeing the number of subjects.

The best gate coaching in India does help you a lot

It is obvious that you should give enough time to prepare for the GATE exam. Aspirants must do proper analysis of the GATE syllabus, such as to know the subjects, topics of each subject, and identify the order of subjects for preparation. Key Points in Oder to Prepare for GATE

  1. Understand the GATE syllabus
  2. Gather important resources
  3. Start your preparation with dedication
  4. Make revision notes
  5. Practice Quizzes/tests

Which subject should I prepare first in GATE syllabus?

In the beginning it is required that you keep your attention focused towards GATE, so selection of subjects plays a very crucial role. Start your preparation with good beginning so that you will have successful completion at the end. Begin your preparation with known subject where you have good knowledge on it. Save your preparation time only preparing relevant topics of GATE syllabus instead of preparing whole book.

Should I start with an easy subject or a difficult one?

It is advisable that you do not try attempting a difficult subject in the beginning of preparation because understanding the concepts of the subjects where you don’t have an interest can make demotivate for preparing GATE.

On the other hand, if you choose a very easy subject and not important for GATE, you may end up spending too much time in its preparation and waste a lot more time than required. Hence, your aim should be to select a subject which is of medium difficulty for you and important subject in GATE.


How many hours are required to devote for GATE preparation each day?

. Number of hours may vary from person to person for preparing for GATE. If you have already prepared all the subjects for previous GATE Exam, you may need to spend 2 to 3 hours for revision and practicing. It is a good idea to spend at least 5 to 6 hours for GATE preparation if you are attempting seriously.
In case you are preparing the GATE exam for the first time, then you’d definitely require to put in more effort and number of hours in order to get comfortable with the pattern and syllabus.

Is it enough to prepare from one text book?

For a few subjects, preparing from one book may be sufficient. In GATE exam, the syllabus may be such that for a few subjects all the topics may not be covered in one text book. It may happen that the given information for a particular topic may not be sufficient in the same book. So choosing book and understanding syllabus of GATE exam is very important to decide whether one or two books are required for the subject.
Hence, it is advisable that you choose one or more text books based on the importance of the subject and the topics covered in it.

How much time is required to complete the GATE syllabus?

If you have a good knowledge base in computer science it will take a minimum of 3 monthsfor the GATE preparation. If you are studying in the final year in under graduation, it will definitely take you more time.
It is necessary to start from the beginning of your final year of graduation and try to spend minimum of 2 hours for preparation of GATE.

Which material should I prepare from?

There is a difference between coaching institute material, standard books, and online resources.

  1. If you prefer good coaching institute material, you may find the content only related to the syllabus.
  2. If you read text books, you will find a lot of information. It is highly suggested when you have enough time to face the GATE Exam and you are preparing self.
  3. Studying through online resources. In online three is lot of material available, so select necessary and good material. Quizzes and preparation material available online will help you to practice regularly and prepare well.

Follow these simple steps to prepare for GATE

  • Plan the GATE preparation
  • Join GATE coaching if possible
  • Studygood and relevant books
  • Solve previous year papers
  • Reviseregularly
  • Attempt online quizzes/tests
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