Hello Lucknow !

Hello Lucknow !

Pre independence Lucknow  was considered The hub of education In INDIA. To re invent this tag we here introduce you to an easy online learning platform called GATEFLIX.In this 21st century you will get rid of expensive GATE coaching in Lucknow or CAT coaching In Lucknow or IELTS coaching In Lucknow .


With The invent of GATEFLIX.in Now students can access best Faculty in INDIA on their mobile phone. Whether you are searching for GATE classes in lucknow or CAT classes in lucknow , you can find all These training and many more on this new platform called GATEFLIX. This is an online portal to study anywhere, anytime with affordable costs. (Most of The courses here are under Rs.1000)
Beauty of the program are the 5c concept which it have. They stand for Comfort, Cost, Coach, Content, And Convenience.

Comfort : We wish to provide a student comfort of studies. Many students wish to study at home and Avoid traffic jams to go to educational institutes. This platform brigs these faculties to your mobile set. With Internet in place we can just log in and study any lecture of our requirement and can re revise or take notes from it. Even doubts are solved in separate doubt sessions.

Cost : The Biggest worry which students some time have with these LIVE online classes is that they are very expensive. Though they serve the purpose of comfort but they are still 20000 or above in terms of price. This portal offers complete online GATE coaching at only Rs 499/- per subject. Yes you read it right its just Rs. 499/- ONLY and whole branch is at just Rs Rs.1699 In fact not only GATE , Any course on GATEflix costs less than Rs.2000. people in fact ask us on how are able to survive with charging only the server cost.? My reply to them is that is the Uber way or the Netflix way of helping the end Users , There are many to invest and many to learn at affordable cost.

Coach : The idea of Gateflix is to provide best of the coach for this gate online teaching program . These are recorded lectures hence Faculty have sufficient time to complete the syllabus and teach concept and not only finish theory. They have solved almost all previous year questions on this platform and also provided short cuts for the same in many cases. The faculties also have experience of teaching over 400 batches and best part is they have qualified these exams themselves. They are real mentors and Gateflix helps you see 10% of their videos free .

Content: Well no platform is complete if it does not provide a good content. We at GATEFLIX help you serve the best. The Platform not only contains recorded videos with top faculty but also provide e books,  Quiz , Doubts, practice question sets , topic test, subject test , full mock tests all free. There will be value added sessions like GK with VK, Life at PSU, LIFE at IIM , IIT etc on this platform.

Convenience: well a Lucknow students need to study at his or her convenience for sure. Gateflix at the other during travelling or at night or early morning. With This He can save Time, Rather invest time for concept building. This Is the Most convenient way of learning at your own pace. We have fast forward button or slow down button of these videos . There are many features like adaptive quiz after every video to check your understanding of a students. With another feature of allocate a mentor this platform helps students to interact with the Top faculty over video chat platforms and get their doubts regarding preparation in place.

Currently it features Training for limited programs Like GATE, CAT, IES, GMAT, SSC but later our vision is to get everything in video format. Importantly we will always have the best of faculty to teach on this platform. We take constant reviews from users and based on that will either replace or change the video. Till now the reviews for all courses listed have been really good. 

We  assure the users that No course on this platform will be very costly and GATEFLIX will keep making you learn better. Many courses like digital marketing, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, Financial risk Management, Java, etc course will be available on GATEFLIX soon. In fact by 2022 we will have over 5 lakh active users for 1000 + courses listed on this platform Including courses of skill development, employability enhancement  and many more.

So be a part of the Success Mania. 


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