Students, their parents, and educators around the world are feeling the extraordinary ripple effect of the novel corona virus as schools and colleges are shutting down and quarantine methods are being ordered to cope with the global pandemic. While governments and health officials are doing their best slowing down the outbreak, global education systems are collaborating to collectively respond and provide quality education for all during these difficult times.

GATEFLIX aims to help our students by providing quality education even in these exceptional times. To achieve our mission amid these tough times, we have come up with an innovative solution, CTQ “Concepts Through Questions”

What is Concept through Questions (CTQ)?

“Concept Through Questions” is a unique teaching method that contains 100 Quality questions with their detailed solution given by our expert faculty members. All the questions are concept based and a selected few in which multiple concepts are tested.

This method is like a quick brush up of all the concepts done in a go. Concepts are over-arching mental constructs that students need to make sense of the content we teach. Conceptual understanding enables students to apply facts and skills to a better understanding of the problem in form of questions.

By starting with concepts, we have created a question bank that’s worthy of our students’ time and effort. It is deliberately made challenging and tough so as to rush the adrenaline and make it worth solving.

The criteria kept in mind for selection of questions:

  • Challenging questions.
  • Tough ones based on selected topics frequently asked in the exams.

Features of GATE Concept through Questions ( CTQ)

‘Concepts through Questions’ has been designed to adapt to the latest mode of E-Learning as a measure to tackle the current pandemic situation. The following are the highlighting features of it;

  • Handpicked best questions prepared by the most experienced faculties for GATE Exam 2022/2023
  • Question Bank prepared after profound analysis of last two decades of papers.
  • 100 worth solving questions at a very nominal price.
  • Compatible with all the devices and user friendly.
  • Detailed solutions of each and every question with some tricks and shortcuts too.

Why do we need GATE CTQ?

Concepts through Questions (CTQ) enables you to

  • Application of concepts in real world: GATE exam does not test your concepts directly. They test you on whether you know where and how a particular concept will be applied. And, we are making you practice for the same through CTQ.
  • Sharpen your acumen and analytical skills: CTQ will enhance your problem solving and application skills. It will make you a master of concepts.
  • Concept – driven teaching: The concepts that drive the CTQ are timeless (factual examples change, but not the core understanding), universal (so students can apply understandings across cultures, situations and disciplines) and abstract (so students engage in higher order thinking to grapple with central ideas). By helping students achieve conceptual understanding, we ensure  that  they  can  take  facts  and  skills,  and do something with them beyond this moment, this lesson and this classroom.
  • Self – Evaluate & Succeed: CTQ will let you self-evaluate your concept understanding and preparation level. By the end of solving you will know which concepts you are good at and which ones are to be redone.

Why choose us?

  • Expert Faculties: Best tutors with teaching experience of over 400 batches are teaching on GATEFLIX platform.
  • User Friendly Interface: Hassle free to operate and fun way of learning by doing.
  • Elucidating Lectures: Topics covered in the lectures are syllabus oriented and will clear your Practical Concepts.
  • Self Paced: Learn at your own convenience, No Restricted Timings.
  • Economical: All Top Courses at a highly discounted price.
  • Plethora of Resources: 400+ Hours Video Lectures; learn through expert faculty from IIT/IISC, and other top recognized Universities.
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