This is a branch of Physics which deals with Heat , work & its conversion . In this subject there are four important laws of Thermodynamics where zeroth law of thermodynamics tells about the concept of temperature, first law of thermodynamics tells about the conservation of energy (base of development of all the important concept/devices) , Second law of thermodynamics tells about Entropy (base of understanding of nature ) & third law of thermodynamics tells about the absolute reference point for the determination of entropy

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About Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics is a branch of Physics that copes with Heat, Work, & others. Herein, there are 4 essential rules of Thermodynamic. This is a crucial target for engineering flows like Mechanical, Chemical, Aerospace Engineering, and so on. This subject matter is likewise a bottom of other important subject matters in Mechanical Engineering like Applied Thermodynamics, Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning, Heat Transmissions, and so on.

This subject is quite significant for government assessments or even competitive exams like ESE, GATE, SSC-JE, RRB-JE & SSE, JWM, and other State Civil Service Payment assessments like GPSC, MPSC, UPPSC, and so on. Maximum questions come from work transmission, steady circulation power formulas (SFEE), entropy modification, Joule-Thompson Co-efficient, buildings of pure materials, and so on.

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Chapter 1

Basics of Thermodynamics

  1. Introduction of Thermodynamics
  2. Thermodynamics System & Processes
  3. Zeroth law of thermodynamics & Thermometric Principle
  4. (a) Thermodynamic work transfer (b) Thermodynamic work transfer Examples
  5. First law of Thermodynamics
  6. Heat transfer in various processes
  7. Steady & Unsteady flow Energy Equation 
  8. Chapter 1 GATE Questions (Practice Quiz also available )

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Thermodynamic System And Processes

Zeroth Law Of Thermodynamics & Thermometric Principle

Thermodynamic Work Transfer Question

Heat & First law of Thermodynamics

Heat Transfer for Various Processes

Steady Flow Energy And Work Flow

Chapter 2

Second law of Thermodynamics

  1. Concept of 2nd law of Thermodynamics
  2. Thermodynamic Temperature scale
  3. Entropy & Clausius Inequality
  4. Physical Meaning of Entropy and Entropy changes of gases ,liquid & solid. 
  5. Gate Questions on Second law of Thermodynamics ( Practice Quiz also available)

Chapter 3

Available Energy/Exergy/Availability

  1. Concept of Available Energy (Exergy) & change in Exergy due to finite Temperature Difference.
  2. Exergy associated with K.E & P.E , Exergy change of a system ( Closed & Open) and Concept of Irreversibility.
  3. Second law efficiency & Solved examples on Exergy.
  4. Gate questions on Exergy

Chapter 4

Thermodynamic Relation

  1. Maxwell ,Tds & Energy Equations
  2. Joule-Thompson Co-efficient , Clapeyron & Clausius-clapeyron equations
  3. Solved Examples on Thermodynamic Relation
  4. Gate Questions on Thermodynamic Relation


Chapter 5

Pure Substances

  1. Concept of Pure substance & Table and Charts like P-V , T-S & P-T Plot
  2. Properties of Pure Substance and its Calculation , H-S Plot 
  3. Ideal gas equation , behavior of Ideal & Real gases and Reduced temperature & Pressure Concept.
  4. Examples on Properties of Pure Substance
  5. Gate Question on Properties of Pure Substance.

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