Network analysis is the process of finding the voltages across, and the currents through every component in the network. This subject deals with many methods and theorems like KVL,KCL, super position theorem, maximum power transform theorem etc to find the above. The weightage of Network in EE is 8-9 Marks in GATE

199 / 999

About Networks

Network is a subject based on machine system or network such as circuits,coil,inductor and transformer. The subject topic begins with Network basics in which classifications of network elements are made. Circuit component,mesh and nodal analysis,equivalent circuits are discussed under basics of network.

Furthermore chapters like Network Theorems,Transients,AC analysis, Resonance,Graph Theory,Coupled Circuits, Two port networks and Network synthesis.They have sub topics like superposition theorem,thevenin & norton's theorem,millman's theorem,series circuit,parallel circuit,graph of a network,incidence matrix,mutual inductance,coupling co efficient,ideal transformer,hybrid parameters,open and short circuit admittance parameters,inverse hybrid parameters,interconnection of two port network is explained. These topics have their respective significance in exams.

Network synthesis has LC,RC,RL impedance and admittance functions that play a vital role to score good marks.

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Chapter 1

KVL ,KCL, Power Absorbed & Delivered

1.1 KVL ,KCL, Power Absorbed & Delivered Part-I

1.2 KVL ,KCL, Power Absorbed & Delivered-Part-II

1.3 KVL ,KCL, Power Absorbed & Delivered-Part-III

Chapter 2

Network theorems

2.1 Network Theorems

2.2 Thevenin and Norton Theorem

2.3 Thevenin and Norton Gate Questions

2.4 Maximum Power Transfer Theorem Gate Questions

4 videos

CIrcuit Analysis or solution methods of electrical circuits using different theorems.

Detailed analysis of Norton theorem

Analysis using maximum power transfer theorem

Chapter 3

Steady State Sinusoidal Analysis

3.1 Steady state sinusoidal Analysis Part-I

3.2 Steady state sinusoidal Analysis Part-II

3.3 Steady state sinusoidal Analysis Part-III

3 videos

Basics of sinusoidal analysis of RLC circuits

AC Series RLC circuit analysis

Gate Questions with multiple frequencies

Chapter 4

Transient Analysis

4.1 Transient Analysis Introduction

4.2 Transient Analysis Numerical Problems

4.3 Transient Analysis Gate Problems

4.4 Transient Analysis Laplace Transform

4 videos

Behaviour of series RC & RL circuits.

Analysis of RLC circuits using Laplace Transform

Chapter 5

Two-port network parameters

5.1 Two Port Network Part-I

5.2 Two Port Network Part-II

5.3 Two Port Network Part-III

3 videos

Introduction to two-port networks & its significance

Brief discussion of some 2-ports parameters

Chapter 6

Three Phase Circuits & Star delta Transformations

6.1 Three Phase Circuits & Star delta Transformations

1 videos

Basic Overview of 3 phase circuit

Chapter 7


7.1 Resonance

1 videos

Brief discussion about impedance matching circuits

Chapter 8

Miscellaneous Topics

8.1 Miscellaneous Topics (Magnetically Coupled Circuits & Graph Theory)

1 videos

1. Magnetically Coupled Circuits 2. Graph Theory

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