Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude is a part of an entrance exam that tests the ability to solve numerical problems and mathematical calculations. It checks the logical and conceptual skills of the candidate related to numerics.

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About Quantitative Aptitude

All reputed firms take an aptitude test in campus placement to hire the best candidate. The questions for Quantitative Aptitude are based on linear equations, percentage, profit-loss, ratio and proportion. Maths branches like geometry, algebra, time and velocity, distance and work also cover a huge portion for marks. The syllabus even has permutation and combination along with probabilities which are of great importance for competitive exams like GATE/SSC, RRB and so on. Students might feel familiar with these topics appearing in their schooling years but QA tests are briefed with new illustrations and challenging numericals. GATEFLIX videos are engineered to assist in cracking entrance exams easily. Our concept video on the homepage explains how GATEFLIX works. A student can easily understand what we provide and how it can help them on our website. 'GATEFLIX' is a 'GATEWAY' to budget-friendly education for dedicated students who desire to study yet are unable to perform so because of the shortage of well informed instructors, inappropriate content, or financial reasons. These video recordings can be acquired at only the price of a pizza or maybe lower than that, along with accessibility as many times as you wish. Additionally, you can easily join question clearing sessions, and practice exam inquiries when they are arranged.

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Chapter 1

Numbers System

  • Types of numbers
  • Divisibility rules
  • Cyclicity or fundamental to find last digit
  • Concept of HCF/LCM and its application
  • Remainders
  • Highest power and trailing zeros
  • Factors
  • Various Exam questions and practice question
  • Cyclicity - Last Digit (Unit Place)
  • Cyclicity - Last 2 Digits
  • Remainder Theorem

11 videos

1.1 Types of Numbers

(QA) 1.2 Divisibility

(QA) 1.3 Cyclicity

(QA) 1.4 HCF - LCM

(QA) 1.5 Remainders

(QA) 1.6 Highest Power-Trailing Zeroes

(QA) 1.7 factors

(QA) 1.8 Number System Exam Questions

(QA) 1.9 Cyclicity - Last Digit (Unit Place)

(QA) 1.10 Cyclicity - Last 2 Digits

(QA) 1.11 Remainder Theorem

Chapter 2

Percentages and Application

  • Concept of Percentage
  • Change of base concept
  • Profit loss and discount concept
  • Simple interest and compound interest
  • Faulty weight
  • Successive percentage change
  • Various exam Questions and practice question

7 videos

(QA) 2.1 Introduction to Percentage

(QA) 2.2 Change of Base

(QA) 2.3 Profit-Loss & Discount Concept

(QA) 2.4 Simple Interest - Compound Interest

(QA) 2.5 Faulty Weights

(QA) 2.6 Successive Percentage Change

(QA) 2.7 Percentage Exam Questions

Chapter 3

Ratio, Proportion and Mixtures

  • Concept of ratio
  • Concept of proportion
  • Average
  • Partnership
  • Rule of allegation
  • Mixtures
  • Various exam questions

5 videos

(QA) 3.1 Introduction to Ratio

(QA) 3.2 Introduction to Proportion

(QA) 3.3 Partnership

(QA) 3.4 Alligation & Mixture

(QA) 3.5 Ratio & Proportion Exam Questions

Chapter 4



6 videos

(QA) 4.1 Relation between Time-Speed-Distance

(QA) 4.2 Average Speed

(QA) 4.3 relative Speed

(QA) 4.4 Boats & Stream

(QA) 4.5 Races

(QA) 4.6 Time-Speed-Distance Exam Questions

Chapter 5

Time And Work

  • Concept of time and work
  • Time and Clocks
  • Different variety of question
  • Various exam questions

4 videos

(QA) 5.1 Introduction to Time & Work

(QA) 5.2 Different Types of Questions of Time & Work

(QA) 5.3 Time & Work Exam Questions

Chapter 6


  • Lines and Angles
  • Triangles and properties
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Circles and properties
  • Polygons
  • Area volume of 3d Figures
  • Trigonometry basics
  • Various exam questions

8 videos

(QA) 6.1 Lines and Angles

Geometry & Mensuration(Higher Concept)

(QA) 6.2 Triangles and Properties

(QA) 6.3 Quadrilateral

(QA) 6.4 Circle

(QA) 6.5 Polygon

(QA) 6.6 Trigonometry

(QA) 6.6 Geometry Exam Questions

Chapter 7

Permutation And Combination

  • Arrangement based on Alphabets
  • Arrangement based on numbers
  • Rank in a dictionary
  • Combination Concept
  • Application of combination
  • Permutation
  • Circular arrangement
  • Various exam questions

7 videos

Arrangement based on Alphabets

Arrangement Based On Numbers-1

Rank In Dictionary

Application Of Combination

Permutation & Combination Exam Questions

Chapter 8


  • Concept of probability
  • Question based on coin, DICE, CARDS, Balls etc.
  • Set theory concept
  • Various exam questions

3 videos

(QA) 8.1 Introduction to Probability

(QA) 8.2 Types of Questions of Probability

(QA) 8.3 Probability Exam Questions

Chapter 9



6 videos

(QA) 9.1 Linear Equation

(QA) 9.2 Quadratic Equation

(QA) 9.3 Introduction to Progression

(QA) 9.4 Algebra Exam Questions

Chapter 10

Set Theory

Set Theory

1 videos

(QA) 10.1 Set Theory

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