Materials Science

Materials science is an interdisciplinary field involving the properties of matter and its applications to various areas of science and engineering.

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About Materials Science

Materials science is an interdisciplinary field involving the properties of matter and its applications to various areas of science and engineering.

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Chapter 1

Processing of Materials

  1. Powder synthesis
  2. Sintering
  3. Chemical methods
  4. Crystal growth techniques
  5. Zone refining
  6. Preparation of nanoparticles
  7. Thin films

Chapter 2

Characterisation Techniques

  1. X-ray diffraction
  2. spectroscopic techniques like UV-vis
  3. IR, Raman
  4. Optical and Electron microscopy

Chapter 3

Phase Diagram

3.1 Phase Diagram & Hume Rothery Rules

3.2 Gibs Phase Rule & Lever Arm Rule

3.3 Types Of Phase Diagram

3.4 Transfomation-I

3.5 Transformation-II

3.6 Transformation-III

3.7 Martensitic & Bainitic Transformation

3.8 Cast Iron & Effects Of Alloying On Steel

Chapter 4

Thermodynamics and Kinetics

  1. Phase rule, phase diagrams
  2. Solid solutions
  3. Invariant reactions
  4. Lever rule
  5. Basic heat treatment of metals
  6. Solidification and phase transformations
  7. Fick’s laws of diffusion
  8. Mechanisms of diffusion
  9. Temperature dependence of diffusivity

Chapter 5

Properties of Materials

  1. Mechanical Properties −
  2. Stress-strain response of metallic
  3. Ceramic and polymer materials
  4. Yield strength
  5. Tensile strength and modulus of elasticity
  6. Toughness
  7. Plastic deformation
  8. Fatigue, creep and fracture
  9. Electronic Properties −
  10. Free electron theory
  11. Fermi energy
  12. Density of states
  13. Elements of band theory
  14. Semiconductors
  15. Hall effect
  16. Dielectric behavior
  17. Piezo
  18. Ferro
  19. Pyroelectric materials
  20. Magnetic Properties −
  21. Origin of magnetism in metallic and ceramic materials
  22. Paramagnetism
  23. Diamagnetism
  24. Ferro
  25. Ferrimagnetism
  26. Thermal Properties −
  27. Specific heat
  28. Thermal conductivity & thermal expansion
  29. Thermoelectricity
  30. Optical Properties −
  31. Refractive index, absorption and transmission of electromagnetic radiation in solids, electrooptic and magnetoopticmaterials
  32. Spontaneous and stimulated emission
  33. Gas and solid state lasers

Chapter 6

Material Types

  1. Concept of amorphous, single crystals and polycrystalline materials
  2. Crystallinity and its effect on physical properties
  3. Metal, ceramic, polymers
  4. Classification of polymers, polymerization, structure and properties
  5. Additives for polymer products
  6. Processing and applications
  7. Effect of environment on materials
  8. Composites

Chapter 7

Environmental Degradation

  1. Corrosion
  2. Oxidation
  3. Prevention

Chapter 8

Elements of Quantum Mechanics and Mathematics

  1. Basics of quantum mechanics
  2. Quantum mechanical treatment of electrical
  3. Optical and thermal properties of materials
  4. Analytical solid geometry
  5. Differentiation and integration
  6. Differential equations
  7. Vectors and tensors
  8. Matrices
  9. Fourier series
  10. Complex analysis
  11. Probability and statistics

Chapter 9

Structure Of Material


Crystal Structure

Indexing of Lattice Planes

Average Number of Atoms Per Unit Cell

CO-Ordination Number

Atomic Packing Factor

Imperfections in Crystal(or Lattice)

2 videos

1 Structure Of Material Part 1 (MS)

1 Structure Of Material Part 2 (MS)

Chapter 10

Properties Of Material & Testing

Theoretical Density

Young Modulus

What is True Stress & True Strain

Relationship Between True & Normal Stress-Strain

Strain Hardening by Dislocation Theory

Toughness & its Measurement

Hardness & its Measurement

Ductility & Malleability



3 videos

2 Properties Of Material & Testing Part 1 (MS)

2 Properties Of Material & Testing Part 2 (MS)

2 Properties Of Material & Testing Part 3 (MS)

Chapter 11

Heat Treatment

Introduction to Heat Treatment & Hardening Process

Tempering Process

Annealing Process

Process Annealing

Full Annealing

Diffusion Annealing

Normalizing Process

Surface Hardening Process

Flame Hardening

Induction Hardening

Case Hardening




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4 Heat Treatment_Full (MS)

Chapter 12

Gate Questions

Gate Questions

1 videos

Gate_Questions (MS)

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