Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics is a division of physical science that is located upon functional request of mechanics. Herein, the mechanics explain the reaction of body systems (solids and fluids) or even bodies of bodies to external forces

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About Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics is an application of applied science that deals with a functional aspect of mechanics. Herein, the mechanics explain the reaction of body systems (solids and fluids) or even bodies affected by external forces.

The subject is about the research of pairs and forces and their results on inflexible physical bodies. Engineering Mechanics is divided into 2 parts; Statics which manages the study of a body at rest under activity of motion; and Dynamics which inflicts along with the condition of a proposal under the action of motion. Engineering Mechanics forms a style and review of structure frameworks, devices, and parts.

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Chapter 1

Force Systems

1.1. Force and its classification

1.2. Principle of Transmissibility - Force as a sliding vector

1.3. Concurrent Force System

1.4. Force And Couple System

1.5. Tips to Draw Free Body Diagram

1.6. Standard Problems Force And Couple System

6 videos

⇒ Force and its classification

⇒ Principle of Transmissibility

⇒ Introduction to Force System ⇒ 2 Concurrent Force System ⇒ More than 2 Concurrent Force System ⇒ Condition of Equilibrium of Particles

⇒Moment of a Force ⇒ Varignon’s Theorem ⇒Couple as a Free Work ⇒Force Shifting ⇒Condition of Equilibrium For Force and Couple System ⇒ Summary of Equation Condition of Different Force System ⇒ Statically determinate and indeterminate System

⇒ NLM – III ⇒Tip-1 Which forces to include ⇒Tip-2 How to Remove Supports & Calculation of Reaction Offered By Supports ⇒Tip-3 System Of Connected Body

Detailed discussion about the solution of Standard Problems on Force And Couple System

Chapter 2

Structure Analysis

2.1. Structure analysis

2.2. Analysis of Plane Trusses

2.3. Standard Problems of Plane Trusses

2.4. Chapter-1 and 2 GATE Questions

5 videos

⇒ Structure Analysis and Intro to internal Forces

⇒ Characteristics and Assumption of Plane Truss ⇒ Method of Joints ⇒Singn Convention ⇒Statically Detrminate Truss ⇒Method of Sections ⇒ Zero Force members

Detailed solution of Standard problems of plane trusses

Detailed solution of GATE Questions

Chapter 1 & 2 gate question

Chapter 3

Distributed forces

3.1. Distributed forces-I 

3.2. Distributed forces-II 

2 videos

⇒Distributed Forces ⇒Center of Gravity ⇒Center of Mass and Centroids

Chapter 4

Dynamics of Particles

4.1. Newton law of motion –II

4.2. Friction

4.3. Standard Problems on Friction

4.4. Chapter-4 GATE Questions on Friction

4.5. Kinematics of particles

4.6. Chapter-4 Gate Questions On Kinematics Of Particle

4.7. Circular Motion And Projectile Motion

4.8. Centre Of Mass

4.9. Linear Momentum of a Particle & System of Particles

4.10. Work And Energy

4.11. Collision Theory

4.12.Standard Problems Based On Momentum And Energy Conservation

4.13. Chapter-4 GATE Questions on Momentum Conservation, Collision and Energy

13 videos

⇒ Newton's Laws of Motion-II

⇒Contact Force ⇒Types of Friction ⇒Static Friction ⇒Experiment ⇒Kinetic Friction

⇒ Detailed Solution of Standard problems

⇒ Rectilinear Motion ⇒ Graphical Interpretation of Differential Equation of Motion ⇒ Common Cases of Motion ⇒ Standard Problems on Kinematics of Particle

⇒ Gate Questions on Kinematics of Particle

⇒ Circulation Motion ⇒ Kinematic Parameters of circulation ⇒ Dynamics of circulation ⇒ Projectile Motion

⇒ Mathematical Description of Center of Mass ⇒ Physical Description of Cm with the Help of Standard Problem

⇒ Standard Problems Based on Momentum and Energy Conservation ⇒ Linear Momentum of Particle ⇒ Linear Momentum of System of Particles ⇒ LAW OF CONSERVATION OF LINEAR MOMENTUM ⇒ Impulse Momentum Theorem ⇒Comparison Of Parameters and Equations for a Particle and System of Particles ⇒ Standard Problem

⇒ Law of Conservation of Energy ⇒ Work done by a Force ⇒ Conservative and Non –Conservative Forces ⇒ Potential Energy ⇒ Kinetic Energy ⇒ Work Energy Theorem ⇒ Conservation of Mechanical Energy ⇒ Energy Diagrams

⇒ Collision Theory ⇒ Collision Ball with a Wall

⇒ Standard Problems Based on Momentum and Energy Conservation

⇒ Detailed Solution of GATE Problems on Momentum Conservation, Collision and Work & Energy

Chapter 5

Dynamics of Rigid Bodies

5.1. Dynamics of Rigid Bodies - I

5.2. Dynamics of Rigid Bodies - II

5.3. Dynamics of Rigid Bodies - III

5.4. Dynamics of Rigid Bodies - IV

5.5.1 Chapter-5 GATE Questions on kinematics and Dynamics of Rigid Bodies

5.5.2 Chapter-5 GATE Questions on kinematics and Dynamics of Rigid Bodies

6 videos

⇒ Translation ⇒ Rotation ⇒ Angular Momentum of Particles & A Rigid Body ⇒ Principle of Conservation of Angular Momentum ⇒ Standard Problem on Angular Momentum and Conservation of Angular Momentum

⇒ General Motion (Translation + Rotation) ⇒ Pure Rolling ⇒ Let’s Solve Some Standard Problem on Pure Rolling ⇒ Instantaneous Center of Zero Velocity

⇒ Acceleration Analysis of General Motion ⇒ Let’s Solve A Standard Problem on General Motion ⇒ Acceleration Analysis of Pure Rolling ⇒ Kinetic Energy in Pure Rolling ⇒ Who Wins the Race?

⇒ Standard Problems on Dynamics of Pure Rolling ⇒ Angular Momentum for Combined Rotation and Translation

⇒ Detailed Solution of GATE Questions

Detailed Solution of GATE Questions

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