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A compiler is a program that reads a program written in one language – the source language and translates it into an equivalent program in another language – the target language. The compiler reports to its user the presence of errors in the source program.

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About Compiler Design

A compiler is a program that reviews a program written in one language-- the source language and equates it into a comparable language-- the target language. A compiler discloses to its customer the existence of mistakes in the source program.

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Chapter 1

Chapter-1 Introduction of Compiler and Lexical Analysis(Compiler)

1.1 Introduction of Compiler

1.2 Lexical Analysis

1.3 GATE Questions

3 videos

1.1 Introduction of Compiler(Compiler)

1.2 Lexical Analysis(Compiler)

1.3 GATE Questions(Compiler)

Chapter 2

Chapter-2 Parsing (Part-1)

2.1 Introduction of Parsing

2.2 Recursive predictive parser

2.3 First follow

2.4 Predict Parsing Table

2.5 Gate Questions (Top down Parsing)

5 videos

2.1 Introduction of Parsing(Compiler)

2.2 Recursive predictive parser(compiler)

2.3 First follow(Compiler)

2.4 Predict Parsing Table(Compiler)

2.5 Gate Questions (Top down Parsing)(Compiler)

Chapter 3

Chapter-2 Shift Reduce Parser (Part – 2)(Complier)

2.6 Shift Reduce Parser

2.7 Handle

2.8 Operator Precedeuce Parser

2.9 GATE Questions

4 videos

2.6 Shift Reduce Parser(Compiler)

2.7 Handle(Compiler)

2.8 Operator Precedence Parser(Compiler)

2.9 GATE Questions(Compiler)

Chapter 4

Chapter-3 Semantic Analyser(Compiler)

3.1 Semantic Analyser

3.2 Attributed Grammar

3.3 Dependency Graph

3.4 Abstract Syntax Tree

3.5 GATE Questions

5 videos

3.1 Semantic Analyser(Compiler)

3.2 Attributed Grammar(Copmiler)

3.3 Dependency Graph(Compiler)

3.4 Abstract Syntax Tree(Compiler)

3.5 GATE Questions(Compiler)

Chapter 5

Chapter-4 Intermediate Code Generator(Compiler)

4.1 Intermediate Code Generator

4.2 Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)

4.3 Basic Block

4.4 Control Graph

4.5 GATE Questions

5 videos

4.1 Intermediate Code Generator(Compiler)

4.2 Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)(Compiler)

4.3 Basic Block(Compiler)

4.4 Control Flow Graph(Compiler)

4.5 GATE Questions(Compiler)

Chapter 6

Chapter-5 Runtime Environment(Compiler)

5.1 Runtime Environment

5.2 Scope Resolution Technique 

2 videos

5.1 Runtime Environment(Compiler)

5.2 Scope Resolution Technique(Compiler)

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