Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension

The verbal Ability section has been haunting to all of us Since childhood and when it comes To prepare verbal Ability section ( typically called As English or verbal) it’s really a tough Nut to crack. The major Reason for this diffident approach is Our lack of practice. As most of us are not having English As our mother tongue we are scared of this unit .Our Teachers have repeatedly told us to talk to one another in English but due To peer pressure and not taking this Module Seriously we have been lacking in it. But please Understand guys all corporate works in English and when it comes to writing emails and other stuff it’s really tough for many technocrats to cope with the fierce competition all across the globe.


About Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension

The Verbal Ability section is about our command on language. It’s a tough nut to crack because English language is vast. The major reason for this to be difficult to learn is our lack of practice. English is not our mother tongue because of which even after learning something about it we don't have the fluency required to communicate or know new words to perform well in exams.

In these GATEFLIX videos on Verbal Ability you will find innovative way to develop vocabulary, reading skills etc. These cost effective videos are really useful for any person who is preparing for competitive exams.

The online lecture videos are very important from various exams prospects. Verbal Aptitude is asked in almost all entrance exams. May it be government exams or any competitive exams like GATE,CAT, CSAT, NET , CLAT, IPM, SNAP, SSC JE,RRB, GPSC, MPSC,UPSC,etc. More over this section of verbal ability tests your reading and comprehension skills, vocabulary and conceptual skills hence maximum companies include this as a screening for their recruitment. All top companies like TCS(conducting CCMT) or Infosys, or L&T and alike include verbal ability for campus placements.

Maximum question in aptitude are asked from following topics:- Vocabulary based question like fill in the blanks, synonyms and antonyms, reading comprehension, odd one out, assumption, conclusion, course of action, Critical reasoning, Paragraph jumbles etc. Paper setters even prefer such topics for technical exams like GATE/SSC-Junior engineer, RRB etc

GATEFLIX videos are designed to help you crack the above mentioned exams. Once watch the concept video on the home page,you will understand why GATE flix is launched or how to make maximum benefit from these videos.

GATEFLIX –A GATE way to affordable education is actually created for hard working students who wish to study but are not able to do so due to lack of good teachers, or financial issues or good content. These videos can be bought at just cost of pizza and you can enjoy them as many times as you want. You can also participate in doubt sessions and practice question sessions later when they are scheduled.

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Chapter 1


  1. Noun
  2. Pronoun
  3. Subject & Verb agreement
  4. Tenses
  5. Modifiers & Parallelism
  6. Articles & Prepositions

7 videos



Subject And Veb Agreement

Articles & Prepositions

Chapter 2

Vocabulary Building

  1. Linking word technique
  2. Root word technique
  3. Types of vocabulary questions 
  4. Synonyms
  5. Antonyms
  6. Homophones
  7. Various Exam questions and practice question

4 videos

Vocabulary I - Root Words

vocabulary (VA)

(VA) Vocabulary II

Chapter 3

Verbal logic


Course of Action

Critical Reasoning

Statement, Assumption & Conclusion

Summary Type Questions

Para Completion

Deductive Logic & Logical Consistency

8 videos

(LR) Syllogism

Verbal - Critical Reasoning

Verbal Logic - Statement, Assumption & Conclusion

(VA) Verbal Logic - Summary Type Questions

(VA) Para Completion

Verbal Logic - Parajumbles

(VA) Verbal Logic - Deductive Logic & Logic Consistency

Chapter 4

Reading Comprehension (RC)

  1. Concept of RC
  2. Types of RC
  3. Tones
  4. Types of questions
  5. Specific idea and implied idea question
  6. Various exam Questions and practice question

5 videos

Introduction to Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension - Tones

Reading Comprehension - How to Solve Questions

(VA) Reading Comprehension III - Types of Question

(VA) Reading Comprehension - Eclectic Reading

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