Applied Mechanics PART-1 (Engg. Mechanics)

Applied Mechanics:

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About Applied Mechanics PART-1 (Engg. Mechanics)

Engineering mechanics – equivalent force systems, free body concepts, equations of equilibrium; trusses;

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Chapter 1

Force Systems

1.1. Force and its classification

1.2. Principle of Transmissibility - Force as a sliding vector

1.3. Concurrent Force System

1.4. Force And Couple System

1.5. Tips to Draw Free Body Diagram

1.6. Standard Problems Force And Couple System

6 videos

⇒ Force & it's Classification

⇒ Principle of Transmissibility

⇒ Introduction to Force System ⇒ 2 Concurrent Force System ⇒ More than 2 Concurrent Force System ⇒ Condition of Equilibrium of Particles

⇒ Moment of a Force ⇒ Varignon’s Theorem ⇒Couple as a Free Work ⇒Force Shifting ⇒Condition of Equilibrium For Force and Couple System ⇒ Summary of Equation Condition of Different Force System ⇒ Statically determinate and indeterminate System

⇒ NLM – III ⇒Tip-1 Which forces to include ⇒Tip-2 How to Remove Supports & Calculation of Reaction Offered By Supports ⇒Tip-3 System Of Connected Body

Detailed discussion about the solution of Standard Problems on Force And Couple System

Chapter 2

Structure Analysis

2.1. Structure analysis

2.2. Analysis of Plane Trusses

2.3. Standard Problems of Plane Trusses

2.4. Chapter-1 and 2 GATE Questions

4 videos

⇒ Structure Analysis and Intro to internal Forces

⇒ Characteristics and Assumption of Plane Truss ⇒ Method of Joints ⇒Singn Convention ⇒Statically Detrminate Truss ⇒Method of Sections ⇒ Zero Force members

Detailed solution of Standard Problems of Plane Trusses

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