G.K by V.K

G.K by V.K

Hey Folks,

Welcome to this section called GK with VK. I am Vikram Singh Rathore and I have been working as a GK trainer for 6 years now. I know that General Awareness is a pain point for most of us and we have a difficult time learning GK in an effective way. To make things worse; GK is one of the most important sections in many competitive exams. So, it is imperative that you become good at it through hard work and determination and using this innovative platform.

Benefits of Attending MY GK Sessions

1.      You will never forget data points because of my tricks.

2.      You will be able to revise concepts of one video in another one

3.      You will can take multiple quizzes after the video

4.      You will learn short cuts for current affairs and static GK

5.      You will gain confidence for interviews, common discussions and Competitive exams.

Topics I will Cover in GK Static Sessions

a.      Days and dates

b.     Important organisations and headquarters with their heads

c.      Geography including rivers, national parks, dams, etc

d.     Polity and Constitution related questions

e.     Who is who?

f.       Important events and information connected to them

g.      Miscellaneous


Every month I will be releasing one video of current affairs of previous month. If you wish to see a demo, please proceed to the free video section and watch my sessions. If you buy this subscription, you will get 2 to 3 static GK videos every month and one current affairs video, till your validity lasts. In case you wish to renew your subscription, please contact the support numbers given on the website.


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G.K by V.K


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